Kamika’s Letters

Kamika creates uplifting art from a lifetime of writing letters to prison.


Until recently, Kamika’s Letters had been collecting dust in her closet.

Now she’s finally ready to share them publicly. Kamika’s Letters showcases the uplifting art (poetry, screenwriting) Kamika creates – informed by a lifetime of relationships via correspondence prison. The film reveals how multi-generational incarceration affects entire families, and women in the African American community.

Currently a foster care educator, Kamika teaches underprivileged teens and gives them a fighting chance to overcome the statistics. Kamika also helps teach people outside her community about the effects our U.S. criminal justice system and sentencing has on her community. 

Kamika’s Letters debuted in Sacramento at Kamika’s Church, the Capital City Church of Christ on September 14th. It was also distributed online by the platform NowThis.

Kamikas Letters Poster.jpg


Presented by the Freda Fund
Featuring Kamika Hebbert
Directed by Michael Reiner
Produced by Amy Krause
Photos by Lori Krause
Color by Hunter Hadfield
Sound design by Joaby Deal
Film Poster Art by Ben Pang